Don’t Let This Election Season Get The Best of You


If you’re anything like me, this current election season has brought up a ton of stressful feelings surrounding the state of our country. Its so easy to get caught up in all the media hoopla and loose sight of the fact that even thought it seems that our country is spiraling out of control, God is not surprised by what is happening. The other day I found myself really wrestling with my ballot. I quite honestly am not impressed by either of the large party candidates, I have issues with both of them. Being a Jesus following minority women leaves me in a particular position when it comes to voting values. In my wrestling over the ballot I sought the Lord and as He always does, brought me so much comfort and peace. First, the Lord reminded me of Romans 13:1 which says “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God” (NIV). God assured me that whoever comes to power, no matter what my personal thoughts are about them, or what their own personal intents will be, God is placing them there for a purpose. When I feel like I can’t trust the candidates I can always trust God.

Second, the Lord showed me that every man and woman, especially those in authority have to account for their life to Him. As much as I want to criticize, judge, and accuse those in office I have to remember that in the end, whatever they do, whether good or evil God will judge. And His righteous judgement will always do more than my unrighteous observations.

Finally, the Lord showed me that when I feel powerless or stressed I can always pray. The Bible tells us that if we lack wisdom we can ask God who gives it to us liberally (James 1:5). If you’re unsure of who to vote for ask the Lord, He won’t withhold wisdom from you. The Bible also tells me that God is not trying to hide what He is about to do from us (Amos 3:7). God wants us to be in the “know” with what is going on in our nation. If you’re feeling a little stressed this election season let the following questions guide your prayer time. As you receive answers you will also undoubtedly feel His peace.

  • God, what do you want to do in the United States? What is Your desire for our country?
  • What candidates (national, state, city level) do you want to use to further your purposes?
  • What measures/propositions do you want to use to bring justice to our state, city, nation?
  • How can I be the change this nation needs? What is my role or action plan in this role? What is one-step I can take today towards this change?

I believe that our country is poised to be the greatest comeback story around. When everyone else sees darkness, I see the light of Christ about to shine brighter than ever. I have decided that I will not let the moral decline, the increasing violence and the degradation of our United Under God values derail the purpose God has for us. Keep hope alive, America will see greater days ahead.


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