What Is Tending Heavens Garden

Tending Heaven’s Garden is insight into my devotion life with the Lord. Jesus said eternal life is knowing God (John 17:3) and I believe that every person is invited into a living, loving, exciting life of getting to know the one true God. I have found over the years that Jesus will often relate our time together to a garden, after all a garden is where it all started in the first place.  Every time I steal away to be with Him is like tending to a garden. He invites me in, plants the seeds, sends water for them and helps me pull the weeds that threaten the growth of the garden. Every time He and I meet, heaven manifests  within me and God’s heavenly garden becomes my garden…right here on earth.

So what can you expect as you read…

Simple heartfelt expressions of my time together with Jesus. Sometimes its deep and revelatory. Sometimes its just silly, random and fun, but every time a glimpse into how I’m cultivating my relationship with God and tending heaven’s garden.